Highly Compact



NEON Photonics’ 400G PAM4 TOSA is designed for 400 Gigabit Ethernet interface, QSFP-DD MSA over single mode fiber 2km. The specifications are compliant with the 400G-FR4 TechnicalSpecification of 100G Lambda MSA. Its key differentiator is a highly compact optical and electrical design technology.

Key Features

  • 100G x 4ch PAM4 optical I/F
  • 100G x 4ch PAM4 electrical single ended I/F
  • Lens-less optical coupling technology
  • Compact package technology
  • QSFP-DD compatible
  • Cost competitiveness
  • Capacity(multi-channel) scalability
  • Availability to user defined design
  • W x L x H = 7.1 x 7.8 x 3 mm3


  • Datacenter (400G FR-4)
  • Optical connectivity

Block Diagram


RX Parameter Unit Specification
PAM4 Signaling rate, each lane (range) GBd 53.125 ± 100 ppm
Lane wavelengths (range) nm  
1284.5 to 1297.5
1304.5 to 1317.5
1324.5 to 1337.5
Average launch power, each lane (min) dBm -3.3
Transmitter and dispersion penalty eye closure for PAM4 (TDECQ), each lane (max) dB 3.4
Extinction ratio (min) dB 3.5
RIN17.1 OMA (max) dB/Hz -136
Optical return loss tolerance (max) dB 17.1

* Available for customized specification

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