R&D center of NEON Photonics Co., Ltd.

is a specialized for optical component technology and is dedicated to discovering new technologies and business for leading the future optical communication. Also, in order to improve the productivity and quality for worldwide business, R&D center is supporting specialized technologies through research on process facilities/process automation

In terms of Vision, by expanding the current technologies focused on optical components to sub-system levels, we are aiming to provide technology solutions for needs of next-generation using optical technology, and, to develop the best production technologies that meet customer needs through continuous research, development activities and expansion of research infrastructure.

  • Fostering and strengthening the WORLD BEST technology in optical component
  • Development of new technology and products to the needs of the worldwide optical communication market
  • New business
    800G+, 5G+, AI, autonomous, VR, AR etc
  • Improving process capability
    Productivity & Quality
  • Government R&D Project