About NEON



  • 2019

    Awarded the prize of exporting 10million dollars at the 56th Trade day

    Development of DeMUX OSA for 400G Transceiver

    Selected as a E-Family enterprise by ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)

  • 2018

    Mass production in CWDM Pigtailed DeMUX Assembly

    Mass production in S-MUX Athermal AWG Module

    Passed performance evaluation of Athermal AWG Module for 5G PON

    Development of DeMUX OSA for 100G Transceiver

  • 2017

    Development of 100G Micro-ICR Chip

    Development of 5G Cyclic Athermal AWG Module

  • 2016

    Mass production in CWDM MUX&DeMUX Chip

    Development of pigtailed assembly product for CWDM MUX&DeMUX

  • 2015

    Development in 8ch Lan-WDM

  • 2014

    Development of 4ch AWG Chip for CWDM

    Development of Lan-WDM Chip

    Development of 100G DP-QPSK

  • 2013

    01.01 Certified as a promising autonomous company for Small-and medium-sized businesses

    01.01 Medium-sized business part in Gwangju Metropolitan City

    04.12 Completion of new company building construction in the Photonics industrial complex and Relocation(Address: 22, 37th road of Cheomdan-Venture-Soro)

  • 2012

    02.24 Establishment of Neonphotonics-affiliated "Neonphotonics Photonics-technology Research Institute'

    06.01 Designated as an organization for fulfilling a project of developing original technology for industrial convergence

    08.30 ISO 9001 Certification

    10.01 Korea Association for photonics industry development (KAPID) full member

    10.11 ISO14001 Certification

    12.11 Received "Venture Business Certificate" from Technology Guarantee Fund

  • 2010

    05.01 Designated as an organization for fulfilling a project of developing local industrial technology

    06.01 Designated as an organization for fulfilling a project of transfer development of small and medium-sized companies' technology

    06.01 Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) Technology transfer
    transfer title : PLC-based optical delay interferometer and hybrid technology

    10.01 Venture company Certification (technology guaranteed fund -Technology assessment-guaranteed company)

    12.31 Designated as Korea Institute of Industrial Technology(Kitech) Corporate Partner

  • 2009

    04.01 Establishment of Neon Photonics Co., Ltd.